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Links to Other Great Sindy Sites


Our Sindy Museum

Created & edited by Annie & Kathy this is one of the BEST websites about Sindy. I love the way they have designed it and it is so informative, especially if you are trying to identify a particular doll or outfit. The photos are out of this world and it is easy to navigate your way around. Click on the Sindy logo above to go directly there.  It is well worth a visit!


This website, run by Melanie sells absolutely everything you need to restore your dolls or make OOAK designs.  Delivery is really quick and I totally recommend this site as a buyer. Click on the Retro Dolls logo to visit the site and have a look at what's available.  There's so much there it's well worth a visit!


This website is fantastic!  It'll take you hours to look at all the information and pictures featured here, and it's one of the best I have seen.  I especially love the way the unique photos have captured the magic of Sindy! Click on the banner link above to visit.


This is amazing site run by a really friendly and helpful lady called Robin. If you are interested in OOAK Sindys - from here you can purchase over 200 different shades of genuine Nylon®, Polypropylene and Katsilk™ Saran doll hair, amongst an enormous range of other OOAK products.


Sindydolly is another fantastic and really informative website, featuring everything you need to know about Sindy from a vast range of photographs to a helpful forum. There is also a great page of links to other sites.  This website is definitely worth a look, by clicking on the banner link above. is a brilliant website which I have used many times to help identify particular Sindy dolls.  There is loads of infomation about Sindy and the body markings you can expect to find on each doll.  A big thank you also to the Editor of Petradolls who has kindly allowed me to use some of their research on this website.

Sindy is a registered trademark of Pedigree dolls. Sindystar is a tribute website to a much loved doll and not an official representative of Pedigree or Sindy. All logos and brochure materials are published with the very kind permission of Pedigree.