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1979 Sindy Head Codes


In 1979, this soft headed Sindy acquired a new set of head codes and a slightly different head mold, with a wider jawline.  The back of her head was now marked 2 GEN 1077 with the code 033055X underneath it. This makes it easier to identify 1979 Sindys from 1980 Sindys which are marked 2 GEN 1070, not 1077.
Sindy's new make-up was now generally much softer and she had pink lips as opposed to the red lips of the earlier 1970's. This doll on the right however still has red lips but also has the new head code 2 GEN 1077.

1979 Sindy with Bunches


1979 Active Sindy


This Sindy has an active Sindy body, with a 1979 2 GEN 1077 head code.




Another new feature for 1979, was Sindy with bunches. This was a basic Sindy body with a new hairstyle.  Her hair was parted from the centre front right over her head and down to the neckline, and tied with ribbons.  My particular doll has no markings on her body or head at all. 
This head was used for the "Keep Fit Sindy" Doll, issued in 1979.


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