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1960's Sindy - Dolls

1963 "Made In England" Sindy


The first Sindy doll was made by Pedigree in England from 1963. On the back of her soft vinyl head she has MADE IN ENGLAND in the hairline.  Other than that she has no other markings on her body at all.  She is 11.5" tall, and has hard legs that you cannot bend. Her hair is rooted and has a centre parting with a fringe.  This Sindy was available in 3 colours - blonde, auburn and brunette.

1965 Miniature Sindy


From 1965 - Paul

1965 Paul


From 1966 - Patch

Patch, Sindy's little Sister, was introduced in 1966.  She was 9" tall, and had blue eyes and a freckled face.  Second edition Patch, seen here, was made from 1967-1970.  She has Hong Kong on her shoulders and her head is unmarked.  Her limbs do not bend.



Made in England seen just below the hairline.


Miniature Sindy was made in Hong Kong in 1965 and is 10.5 inches tall. Her head is not marked, which is usual - however where her body would normally say MADE IN HONG KONG on the back of her waist, this particualr doll has no markings at all.

This Sindy has an adorable bubble hair cut, and beautiful dainty face.  Her hair came in blonde, auburn or brunette.
She has smaller very hard arms and legs, that almost resemble Patch's body, only bigger.  She is often identified because her head is slightly wobbly if you give her a gentle shake!


Paul was first released in 1965, made in England and is unmarked.  From 1966, Paul was made in Hong Kong and the marking MADE IN HONG KONG can be found across his shoulders.  In 1967 a smaller version of Paul, seen here, was also made and once again, marked MADE IN HONG KONG across the back of his shoulders.  Due to his size, not many of the Paul clothes fit him very well.  His head is also prone to being loose.


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